Electricity, water, and all houshold itmes are included.


all year long

visitor's tax (pers/day)

Le Haou – Studio Flat

32 € per nigth

0,66 €

Le Haou - T4 Rustic Apartment

430 € per week / 72 € per nigth

0,77 €

Le Sage – Villa Daisy

540 € per week/ 95 € per nigth

0,77 €

Le Sage – Studio Flat

35 € per nigth

0,66 €

Reservations will be valid upon receipt of a down payment (1/3 of rent). Guests must be covered for all risks by their own insurance company and a deposit will be made on arrival and returned on departure if all is in order. The full rent is due on arrival of Guests. The rented unit is returned in good order thoroughly cleaned and complete. If not, the deposit will be retained until repairs/replacements/cleaning is paid in full.

Read the rules.

The owners reserve the right to exclude anyone not adhering to the rules from the estate.

Guests are asked to respect the rights of others and not to disturb their neighbors unnecessarily.

Parties and music are allowed if every guest has consented.

Animals are well behaved and do not disturb others or they are to be held on leashes.

Children and animals are under the constant supervision of their parents/owners especially around the pool.

The pool is equipped with an alarm system which must be replaced by the last guest to leave the pool-area.

The use of the gardens and the pool are the sole responsibility of the Guests.