Electricity, water, and all houshold linnens are included.




per week
min. 3 nights

visitor's tax (adult/day)

Le Haou – Studio Flat

€ 200-245

0,99 €

Le Sage – Villa Daisy

€ 590-650

1.32 €


Le Sage – Studio Flat T2

€ 230-270

0,99 €

Reservations will be valid upon receipt of a down payment (1/3 of rent). Guests must be covered for all risks by their own insurance company and a deposit will be made on arrival and returned on departure if all is in order. The full rent is due on arrival of Guests. The rented unit is returned in good order thoroughly cleaned and complete. If not, the deposit will be retained until repairs/replacements/cleaning is paid in full.





Arrival after 16.00 (4 pm) exceptions only if prearranged


 The remaining rent and the deposit are due on arrival. 





Departure until 10.00 (10 am) exceptions only if prearranged. 


The rental unit has to be throughly cleaned (all carpets vacuumed, all floors mopped up, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher etc. cleaned on the inside and on the outside, sinks, bathtub, showers etc. cleaned with cleaning products, all surfaces and furniture dusted, the beds stripped of bedlinen, all the washing put in front of the washer in the annexe, the terrasse, stairs and garden furniture cleaned). 


Leave it as clean and neat as you found it. The next guest will appreciate it!





All doors around the pool must be shut and the key turned on the inside at all times. Children are allowed in the pool area only with an adult present. While the pool is cleaned no one must bathe or even touch the water (electric robot). No pointed objects (toys, clothes, shoes etc.) must be introduced into the pool. For security reasons you must not tread on the border of the pool, run around the pool or jump into the pool. After putting on sunscreen we ask that you wait at least half an hour before bathing.





All the amenities in the garden, like sunbeds, chairs, cushions etc. are there for everybody. Use them when and where you want, and put them back afterwards. Do not reserve them for your sole use. Cushions must be returned to the annexe at night. The barbecue is inside the pool area, where children are not allowed without adults. 




In the annexe you will find garden furniture, the utensils for the barbecue, toys, kitchen appliances, a miniature oven, the vacuum cleaner and all sorts of cleaning stuff, umbrellas, a high baby seat, ironing equipment etc. etc. All these are for all the guests. Use them and put them back after use please.





The washing machine is in the annexe. The user information is attached on the wall, please read it carefully before use. You may hang up your laundry to dry between the houses. In case of bad weather you may give us your laundry to dry in the dryer. If the studio behind the washer is occuppied, please do not use the washer between 22.00 and 9.00 (10 pm and 9 am).





Garbage bags must be well closed and deposited in the container with the braun top on the street to your left. The following items can be recycled : tins, cans, plastic bottles, paper, carton, plastic containers. These may be deposited in the container with the yellow top. (absolutely no glass !!) Glass is deposited into the containers at the entry of St. Loubouer village on the left. 





The toilets are connected to a septic tank, please do not flush down anything apart from toilet paper (no tampons etc.). Do not use chlorine based products in the toilets.





In case of thunderstorms please deplug all electronic equipment (tv, dvd, phones, pc etc). All these are in your responsibility during your stay. Also please close windows when you leave.





If you break anything, please tell us or replace it. 







POLICE                                  17 


FIREDEPARTMENT              18 


FLEPP TRIX ET HARRY       0558 51 12 90  


PORTABLE HARRY              0620 87 41 16 




Please do not touch our dogs. Do not feed them or the cats and most importantly do not give them any bones.




Thank you very much !