St. Loubouer is situated in the "Hautes-Landes" in the heart of the Gascogny, a landscape of gentle hills and valleys mostly planted with corn and the good Tursan vines. The region seduces by its very mild climate, the natural surroundings, the relative proximity of the Ocean as well as to the Pyrenees and Spain, its famous hospitality and the good cheer of the many village parties.


Far from the overflowing tourist centers the visitor still lacks nothing in this peaceful country side. The longest beach in Europe is only 1h away and if you prefer the Pyrenee Mountains or Spain it will only take you 1 1/2h to get there. The small curving country roads are made for biking and several organisations recommend hiking and walking tours in the vicinity. Eugénie-les-Bains (8km) offers its thermal cures and many attractions (tennis, 9-hole golf, sports and entertainment, feasts etc.) as well as the "haute Cuisine" of one of the most famous french chefs "Micheal Guérard".


Throughout the summer there is always a village or other that organises their yearly fete with a "Course Landaise" (a sort of harmless hide-and-seek between man and cows), music bands and huge dinners.


Museums, castels, churches and monasteries are there in plenty to delight the culturally inclined. And of course there is also the pilgrim's way of St John of Compostella and also Lourdes (1 1/4 h).


Friends of shopping may indulge in Bordeaux (2h), Pau (45min) or in Mont-de-Marsan (20min). The weekly necessities can be obtained in all the village shops and occasional markets as well as in the supermarkets (10min).